Currently at home with my dog Lucy

I'm a Toronto based photographer with a Bachelor of Photography from OCAD University. In the past 5 years I've had the opportunity to live in New York, Philadelphia and Nova Scotia while working on a number of different projects. 

Growing up, travelling was a big part of being a Moreland. Our family would go on yearly roadtrips from Canada down into the United States. I had assigned myself the duty of photographing those trips with a plastic 35mm camera I got for my 6th Birthday. As I got older, I started travelling on my own, my camera gear got a little better and my trips got a little longer.

After going to Peru to hike Machu Picchu in September of 2015, I knew I couldn't come back to Toronto to work in an office. I decided to buy a Jeep and spent the next 3 months living out of it while travelling across Canada and the Western United States. Since then, my appetite for travel, adventure & photography has led me to a full-time freelance career making work for some amazing brands such as Land Rover, Toyota and Alaska Airlines.

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photo by Derek O'Donnell

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